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Strategic Partners

Bladestone Financial recognizes that strategic partnerships play a key role in the delivery of it's' services to our clients. In addition to our contractor network, we have strategic partnerships with the following companies in order to leverage off of their infrastructure and areas of expertise:

Technology-Tikal Solutions, Inc.

Tikal Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2001 to meet the technology needs of established and new businesses both domestically and internationally. Tikal Solutions provides software development, systems integration, package implementation, technology reviews, and technical project management services in the Consumer Products and Financial Service industry sectors.

As strategic partners, Bladestone Financial and Tikal Solutions collaborate on all assignments that require a mixture of financial services and technology expertise. Tikal Solutions also provides Bladestone with all its technology needs and was instrumental in the development of Bladestone's data manipulation and deal reporting systems. The collaboration between the two companies operates under an exclusive arrangement that allows for the sharing of systems infrastructure and operational network.

Technology/Finance- Administración de Activos Financieros ("ACFIN")

ACFIN is a servicing and due diligence Company based in Santiago, Chile. Bladestone/AGS has been a strategic partner since ACFIN's inception in 1996. ACFIN was created to serve the information and transactional needs of the developing mortgage and asset securitization market in Chile and throughout Latin America. Bladestone contributed the technical expertise, operational planning, and training for this venture and was strategically involved in the development of the specifications and requirements for the proprietary business system developed for the Latin American markets.



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